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Where You Can Find Me!

Hey all! So i'm starting my new year "clear out" - I have been assessing the sites i use(d) and i'm going to be reducing how many places i upload to and finally making posts like these.

So, this account will still be around but, it hasn't been posted to since 2014 and wont be posted to outside of this placeholder post. (I basically only use LJ to check up on some groups now and then and thats it. Soooo.)

My more active places are:

WildElements - http://wildelementstudios.com/index.html
Twitter - https://twitter.com/wildelements
Portfolio Shop - http://www.tigerdile.com/shop/Temrin/
Redbubble - http://www.redbubble.com/people/temrin
Society6 - https://society6.com/temrin
Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/Temrin
FA - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/temrin/
DA - http://temrin.deviantart.com/
Weasyl - https://www.weasyl.com/profile/temrin
Tumblr - http://asktemrin.tumblr.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WildElementStudios
Sofurry - https://temrin.sofurry.com/
Furry Network - https://furrynetwork.com/temrin/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/temrinsanjem/

Never stop creating! Have a great end of the year/beginning of the next!

temrin bluefreak project blue 02 furry a

PATREON UPDATE: Art with Temrin, folios, lessons etc!


Added the following reward tiers.

-Collector Level: Receive my new Lingerie Portfolio OR a portfolio of your choice from my store. www.tigerdile.com/shop/Temrin/

-LEVEL UP! Bust Commission: Full colour bust commission of a character of your choice. (personal characters included)

-Grasshopper Level: One hour of One-on-One art stream time organized during the month. This time used for Questions, tutorials, redlining, etc.

-SUPER PATRON LEVEL: A full colour 2 character commission of characters of your choice, Any rating (OR WITH TEMRIN!) (+Simple BG)
- 4 Prints (mailed) of your choice from my gallery or previous Patreon packs. (Not all images may be available so please list more then 4! )
- 2 Digital Portfolio's of your choice - www.tigerdile.com/shop/Temrin/
- 1 full colour bust of a character of your choice
- 1 full colour chibi of a character of your choice.
- 1 icon of a character of your choice, includes the elemental animated icon OR a couple icon set (not animated.)
-Eligible for any mailed monthly products (Once goals are reached)

Added the following edits:

-All commission tiers are eligible for personal characters on ever "even" number of times you have subscribed to that or any commission tier.

-Personal Folio Level: Added 2 digital portfolios of your choice into the pack. +Eligible for any mailed monthly products (Once goals are reached)

-LEVEL UP! 2 Character Painted Commission: Get to pick the subject matter for one of my monthly sketches and it will be upgraded to a 2 character, digitally painted image, ANY RATING. Characters of your choice but must correspond to the theme!

temrin bluefreak project blue 02 furry a

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New Lingerie folio coming soon!

Folio Shop: http://www.patreon.com/Temrin

If you are wanting to pay via Paypal
, i have a reward tier open on my Patreon to allow people to purchase it through there.

(If you want a different folio or want to order multiple from my store through patreon/paypal, then note me on Patreon and i will be happy to set it up. Basically, choose the $25 tier and then if you are wanting more folios, check my shop and add the price of what you want to your patronage and note me which ones you are ordering.)